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Artist, Bands, Song Writers

I love playing original music . Send in your Mp3 Files to Chef KT Murphy @ Gmail.com.  If in the Philly area come cook in the kitchen. We can do interview and video in the studio.

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Metal Kitchen Program

Saturday Night 7 p.m. -12 a.m EST

Whats a Chef with out some Metal in the kitchen


We Play the metal that the FM station Can't or Won't

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Metal Kitchen Plays Saturday 7 pm to Midnight EST

Additional Programming


Friday Night House Party 7pm-Midnight

Music that you request from EDM Pitbull to Alice Cooper. Even snowflake happy music. You request and I play it


Podcast and Health Tips

I also do a daily pod cast about articles I write and health and handy tips in the kitchen. 


Interviews and Meeting with Great Artist


My Shelter Work

Cooking and feeding the needy in shelter , Veteran Center, Hospice 

Camden NJ 

Philadelphia PA

Wilmington DE,

Buffalo NY, 

Boston Mass


Most people dont know

I'm a Daddy, Global Chef number 58 in the world classically trained (Culinary /Pastry), Aquaponics Farmer, Author over 100 books and 2,500 articles, published.  Blogger, Flatbed Cowboy over 6 million miles and 30 years running 95, 80, 70, 49 states, Canada Europe, Asia. US Army Veteran Served as member of: 1st & 5th Group SF, 2/75 Rangers and 101st Airborne. Lets get it on....